Matthew Ortiz

First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Ortiz
Bio: My passion for mountain biking started like most: A young child riding a rigid bike, dropping off makeshift ramps and trying to wheelie like Evel Knievel. As bike technology progressed and dual suspension became the norm I was hooked. As a young adult, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Five Boro Bike tour in NY. For the next ten years I would help adults/children learn how to ride a bike for the first time. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing your passion with others. During my free time I would travel to Blue Ridge Mountain to ride the trails. I became so familiar with them that several of my friends asked if I could show them around. It was those rides that started my guided mountain bike tour love affair. Two years ago I sold that business to move to Florida and take on new challenges. Shortly after the move I discovered Santos bike park. With all its unique trail features, it is by far the best place to ride in Florida. I would love to show you around!
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