Santos mountain bike park- full day tour

All year round1 daySkill:5/9

Level 5/Strong Intermediate

  • You feel confident on intermediate-level trails
  • You can handle undulating terrain, have good control of your brakes and know how to shift gears appropriately so that you don't get off your bike too often
  • You can handle terrain that is slightly technical, with smaller rocks and roots and can climb on singletrack as long as it is not technical.

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Level 5

  • You are capable of riding 4 hours a day at a moderate pace with some short breaks, over a few days.
  • ; You are confident climbing up to a total of 300 vertical metres (1,000 ft.) in a day.
  • You exercise on average 4-5 hours per week (including riding/being active).

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$150 USD
From the moment you hit the trails the smell of pine permeate the air. Thoughts of what you thought you knew about mountain biking in Florida fade quickly, giving way to fast, flowy, heart pumping single-track nirvana. Whether you love those insanely technical climbs and descents (yes we have rocks) or just love riding mile after beautiful mile of pristine single-track, Santos will have you smiling from ear to ear the whole time you are with us. What we lack in elevation (79 ft) we more than make up for in ingenuity and legendary wood features.
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